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Introduction to the forum

Get out your calendars, because FCB Group will be holding their inaugural FCB HR Forum in March 2018. The all-day event will be held in Sunny Brisbane and provide attendees with an opportunity to learn how to pro-actively Cultivate Positivity at Work. So often we see businesses only start to focus on their people when there is a problem. But what if you could avoid these problems arising in the first place? A positive working culture and environment yields positive results for your business. FCB Group has teamed up with other HR professionals and positivity experts to bring you an event filled with strategies and inspiration to cultivate positive results at your workplace.

The FCB HR Forum will benefit Senior HR Leaders, managers, aspiring managers, operations executives and business owners who understand the benefit of an engaged and positive team. You will come away with innovative ideas to apply to your own businesses along with new contacts to share your strategies and thoughts with. Interact with like-minded HR professionals and leaders who have a vested interest the culture of their organisations and exchange ideas in a relaxed environment. We look forward to seeing you there!

Top 4 reasons why you should attend:
  • Inspired Learning

    Hear from experts in people management. Learn how to get the best from your team. Be inspired and equipped to make positive changes in your workplace.

  • Meet like-minded professionals

    From a raft of different industries. This is your chance to expand your professional network in a relaxed environment.

  • Come away with a positive mindset

    Feel engaged and re-energised to tackle those big HR issues

  • Create the right culture

    Minimise risk. Have more time to focus on your HR strategy by minimising the reactive work.

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Featured Speakers

  • Simba Mak

    Lawyer turned rapper, Simba traded his suit and tie for a life of beats and rhymes. Born and raised in Zimbabwe under difficult conditions, Simba doesn’t shy away from his humble beginnings. He uses his music to explore impediments faced, heal and celebrate the victories along the way.

  • Michelle Farrar-Eagles

    The event MC and Director of The People Playground (TPP). The PP business model is about bringing the best out of your people. Prior to starting PP, Michelle led a number of People Teams with some large and innovative organisations.

  • Julie Watson

    A business coach whose mantra is challenge, motivate and activate. Julie will host an interactive session on the neuroscience of play and how “fun” can help change attitudes, beliefs and mindsets making for a positive workplace culture.

  • Ryan Atkins

    The HR Director, Australia & New Zealand for Philips Electronics Australia. With over 20 years in the Human Resources arena, Ryan is passionate about connecting people practices to business strategy and creating cultures that support inclusion, engagement and sustainable performance.

  • Reem Borrows

    A corporate stylist and business owner of DReem. She has the ability to add heart and soul to highly structured corporate environments to promote growth and excellence in people.

  • Amy Towers

    As a Health and Safety Risk Management Expert, Amy works with senior managers and decision makers to identify and intelligently manage their operational core risks. In her 15 years working in this space, Amy has developed a passion for Risk Cultures and Worker Engagement.