Managing Union Relations and Industrial Action

Identifying potential problems and resolving industrial action

Industrial action has the potential to cause serious disruption to a business.

Ideally, a business needs to be able to identify when disputes are likely to occur and, if an industrial action arises, to access a legal team with experience in minimising its impact. It is important, when a dispute occurs, to be able to resolve it as quickly as possible.

How FCB Workplace Law can help manage relationships with trade unions

At FCB Workplace Law , we have a great deal of experience in identifying and resolving threatened industrial action, so as to prevent disruption to businesses.

In the event there is an industrial dispute, we have the skills and experience to resolve it as quickly as possible.

Our lawyers are experienced strategists and negotiators, so they are extremely well equipped to help our clients negotiate with unions. They can also help in developing a strategy to respond to an industrial dispute.

Our services

We offer the following services:

  • Assisting with the management of union relations
  • Advising on issues surrounding freedom of association
  • Advising on the rights of union and non-union members
  • Managing activities to prevent, stop or minimise industrial action.

Whether the dispute occurs in the course of enterprise bargaining or outside the bargaining framework, we can help negotiate, mediate or, in a worst-case scenario, litigate.

Would you like to find out more?

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