Workplace Health and Safety (WHS)

Protecting people and meeting WHS obligations

WHS is about more than just education and processes. It focuses on empowering a workforce and ensuring that employees’ wellbeing sits at the heart of the business.

At FCB Group, we specialise in working with our clients to help them develop a deep knowledge of WHS that will strengthen and protect their business.

How FCB Group can help with WHS

At FCB Group, we take an interdisciplinary approach to WHS, so that we can provide businesses with a full spectrum of services. This means we are equipped not only to help when things go wrong, but also to provide the kind of advice that prevents things going wrong in the first place:

We can:

  • Conduct risk and compliance advice for boards and officers
  • Undertake formal WHS audits and workplace inspections
  • Establish and facilitate the implementation of WHS management systems
  • Advise and act in relation to WHS litigation
  • Manage ill and injured workers
  • Provide WHS training courses
  • Provide WHS management mentoring and coaching
  • Provide WHS software systems to manage incidents, and streamline WHS policies and procedures.

How FCB HR can assist with WHS

Our WHS consultants specialise in reviewing workplace settings and work safety systems. During this process, we work closely with our clients so that we understand their specific operational requirements and objectives. This enables us to develop an effective, yet sustainable, WHS management system for them that reduces the chances of anything going wrong. At the same time, we focus on delivering a system that is appropriate for the infrastructure and resources available.

Our consultants undertake WHS projects such as:

  • Hazard management (where we identify risks in a workplace, and provide customised advice on how to remove/manage those risks)
  • Risk profiling (where we identify health, safety and environmental risks, and highlight areas of loss and non-compliance)
  • Risk management audits (where we undertake an audit that highlights the strengths and weaknesses of  business’s existing WHS and injury management system, as well as make recommendations for improvements).

How FCB Workplace Law can assist with WHS

In the event that something goes wrong, we have a team of expert lawyers who can represent and defend both a business and its officers during WHS regulator prosecution and coronial inquests.

As experts in employment and WHS law, our lawyers can:

  • Provide board-level advice in relation to WHS risk and compliance
  • Assist businesses to meet their due diligence obligations
  • Help businesses to protect the physical and mental health of their employees.
  • They can also:
  • Advise on how to conduct an incident investigation
  • Defend a business against a WHS prosecution
  • Provide guidance during coronial inquests
  • Audit health and safety systems across a range of industries.

How enableHR can assist with WHS

Our technology product, enableHR, can also provide businesses with an online WHS management solution that helps them to manage their WHS obligations through easy-to-use guides, policies, tools and templates that are tailored to particular industries. Most importantly, the system sends an alert when these documents need to be updated, making it easy to ensure the business is always in compliance with Australian workplace laws and/or regulations.

Our services

Our WHS services include:

  • Advising on director obligations
  • Advising on incident investigation
  • Reviewing, drafting and implementing WHS policies and procedures
  • Advising on WHS compliance issues
  • Providing emergency responses in the event of serious health and safety incidents
  • Training in compliance, workplace consultation, and incident response and management
  • Investigating and mediating in bullying and harassment incidents
  • Advising and representing businesses on workers compensation and injury management
  • Advising on online WHS management solutions.

Would you like to find out more?

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