Workplace Investigations

Workplace investigations conducted by lawyers and human resources specialists

One of the realities of corporate life is that, at some point, a business may need to carry out an investigation into some aspect of an employee’s behaviour in the workplace. When a problem emerges in a workplace, it is important to have a clear set of policies and procedures to follow. In some cases, however, it may also be wise to have a highly trained professional from outside the business conduct the investigation, rather than an insider.

How FCB Group can help with workplace investigations

Developing workplace investigation policies and procedures

Most investigations are undertaken because a complaint or allegation has been made about an employee’s conduct. However, there are other situations that may require an investigation, such as an accident at a workplace, or a work health or safety concern. Alternatively, it may be necessary to conduct an investigation into broader systemic issues, such as absenteeism or cultural issues.The most important thing is to be prepared. This means having the policies and procedures in place before an issue emerges, rather than watching everyone running around trying to work out what to do once a complaint is made or an issue arises.

At FCB Group, our lawyers and consultants help our clients to develop policies and procedures that identify the steps to take if they need to conduct an investigation into a workplace incident or issue.

Conducting internal or external investigations

The decision as to whether a business should conduct an investigation internally or externally depends on the circumstances of the case. An external investigator may be viewed as more neutral by staff and have particular expertise in investigations. In addition, if the matter does become litigious, a court or tribunal may look at an arm’s-length investigation more favourably.

At FCB Group, our expert lawyers and workplace consultants can work with a client to determine what sort of investigation is appropriate, based on:

  •  The type of complaint
  •  The level of employees involved
  •  Whether legal professional privilege applies.

If necessary, we can also provide an experienced professional who will undertake the investigation promptly and sensitively, while also maintaining confidentiality.

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