Workforce Change and Transformation: Navigating Organisational Planning, Restructuring, and Redundancies

The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress.” – Charles Kettering

Restructuring is a challenging exercise for companies in any industry and of any size – change is never easy, and it is to be expected that any organisational review and restructure will be met with a range of emotions and responses: fear, anger, uncertainty and hostility.

Careful planning to ensure compliance with all relevant legislative, industrial and contractual requirements is key to designing a successful restructuring process, as well as implementing measures to avoid reputational risk and potential damage to the employer’s brand and stakeholder relations. Further, the on-going impact of change on employees who remain with an organisation following restructuring should not be underestimated, so managing the on-going impact of change on workforce culture and retention is crucial for the success of any restructure.

FCB Group invites you to attend a tailored briefing focusing on strategic workforce planning, restructuring and how to respectfully manage redundancies and change in your business with minimal disruption and without damaging broader workplace culture.

This breakfast briefing will explore such issues as:

  • The importance of detailed planning around workforce change and restructuring;
  • Risks associated with restructures (both commercial and reputational) and how to mitigate those risks;
  • The benefits of seeking legal advice at the early stages of a restructure, when legal privilege will come into play and how this can assist your business;
  • Respectfully managing redundancies and employee exits without interrupting or damaging broader workplace culture; and
  • Implementing your new structure and managing culture in the new environment.

    FCB Group invites you to attend our upcoming breakfast briefing series where we will consider these issues (and more)!

Wednesday 30th October Thursday 31st October Friday 8th November
RACV Club Novotel Brisbane The Westin

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