Campbell Fisher talks to Human Capital TV

June 2, 2016
HR Assured

Under-resourced and overburdened: The compliance risks facing HR

Managing Partner and Solicitor Director Campbell Fisher was recently interviewed by Human Capital TV to discuss the current status of Australia’s industrial relations framework.  Campbell gave insights into where he sees HR professionals going wrong and the unique risks they face as well as a possible solution to their compliance woes.

Expectations on HR staff are constantly growing and the constant developments in employment relations mean that most HR staff, as busy are they are, are not always aware of changes to their obligations, and this can have disastrous knock-on effects upon the business.

While some issues will always be outside of HR’s expertise, it is expected that HR staff have comprehensive knowledge of their and the business’ obligations in the employment relations sphere. Compliance with awards and the NES are being particularly targeted by the FWO in a recent spate of audits, surprise visits and commencement of legal proceedings.

Ignorance of your workplace obligations is no excuse, and will not protect you from the sting of several thousand dollars’ worth of penalties. HR staff cannot rely on arguments such as “this is how it has always been done” or “I simply took over from the previous person” – every single individual involved in employment relations needs to be constantly aware of their workplace obligations.

Click below to watch Campbell’s interview:

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If you would like to discuss any of the items discussed in Campbell’s interview or how HR Assured might be a cost-effective solution for your business please contact Campbell directly on or call 02 9922 5188.

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