FCB Group launches new company values

July 9, 2021
FCB Group launches new company values

There comes a time in the life of every organisation where they need to revisit that set of guiding principles and beliefs known as company values. Organisations are organic – they grow and change over time, and values play a vital part in how a company is shaped and develops.

As we’ve grown over the years, our team has become more diverse, and we felt it was time to re-examine our core company values. We wanted to reflect on why we do what we do, and what we want to be, to ensure that our values accurately reflect our current culture.

Creating a new values system is no easy task. So, what approach did we take? Our HR Manager Radhika Rahul said: “From the outset, we knew the process of refreshing our values needed to be driven by our people; we wanted everyone in the company to have the opportunity to contribute and have their say on what our new values should be.”

We scrutinised our current values, surveyed our employees, and convened a working group which included employees from across the business who volunteered to help revamp our values. We went through several rounds of discussion and rewriting, over many months, to articulate who we are and what we believe in as an organisation.

Values = us

Our values are the heart of our business and our brand. They’re who we are, how we work and who we hire. They’re more than a set of abstract principles or aspirations – they’re actual descriptions of the way we operate day-to-day.

Our Managing Partner & Solicitor Director, Campbell Fisher said: “Our values have always guided us, as a company and as individuals, to help businesses create a better experience for every employee because we believe better workplaces build a better world.

“When you think about what FCB Group does for businesses, we’re all about compliance which is essentially the foundations of a company.

“Compliance and culture go hand in hand and that’s why in business you have to get the compliance piece right first if you want to have a great culture and a good employee experience.

“I like to use the analogy of building a house when explaining why compliance is the essence of any business; compliance is the concrete foundation of the house, and if you lay the concrete well, everything above the slab will stand the test of time. But, if the concrete is laid poorly, then you’ve built a fragile structure that is likely to break down over time.

“I am proud of the foundations FCB Group has built over 25 years ago and our values are a testament to that.”

We officially launched our four new values to the Group at the beginning of April 2021, and they’re now live for all to see!

Our new values… (drum roll, please…)

Exceed expectations

Don’t just deliver what’s required, go beyond what’s expected. Be driven by discontent at today, to achieve excellence tomorrow. Demand the best from yourself. Own what you do. Aim to make the impossible, possible.

Inspired and innovative

Tackle the ‘now’ and the future with a ‘can do’ attitude. See obstacles as opportunities. Crush problems with creative solutions. Be inspired by each other and our clients. Think forward and critically. Listen well and question the conventional. Push boundaries or think outside them.

We’re better together

Live the ‘one team, one dream’ attitude – it’s a family vibe. Be real, be you, don’t bulls**t – but do it with empathy, respect and compassion. Work together, support each other. Lead by example. Don’t take yourself too seriously – have fun!

Relationships matter

Be open, be transparent, because honesty and truth are key to our story, our success and our future. When we say, ‘we’ve got your back’, this is no BS. Character is not who you say or think you are – it’s what you do. So, value the relationships you build. Earn trust. Act with integrity. Keep it simple. Be genuine. Care.