Fraud Within The Supply Chain Industry

March 30, 2017
FCB Workplace Law

Industry Focus


Matthew Robinson, Partner, and Ceri Williams, Solicitor, both of FCB Workplace Law, examine the trends and implications of employee theft in the manufacturing and logistics industries to identify best-practice approaches to detecting, combatting and resolving supply chain fraud.

Fraud is the by-product of human greed. You would think that good hiring practices should eliminate the obvious characters, however most of the sizeable frauds are perpetrated by people least suspected: Executives & Senior Managers. Weak systems and low levels of managerial oversight occur in all industries, however the Supply Chain industry has a heightened fraud risk. In our experience, the largest fraud risks predominantly arise from high level managers within the business colluding with other key internal and external players.

This paper will address what a modern supply chain looks like, and what you can do to minimise the risks along with tips to empower you to effectively manage the investigation and the fraud recovery process.

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