Manufacturing Industry Enterprise Bargaining Wage Growth Trends

February 28, 2017
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Enterprise Bargaining remains a cornerstone of the Manufacturing Industry.

Understanding the market wage increases is important not only from employee retention but also to maintain margins and a competitive edge.

We’ve set out below a useful table summarising the trends over last three years of average wage increases in all Manufacturing Enterprise Agreements approved by the Fair Work Commission versus All Groups CPI.

Its broken down on a quarterly basis but the percentages have been annualised for ease of reference.

Manufacturing Industry Enterprise Bargaining Wage Growth Trends

Manufacturing table_9.5.17Sources:

  • Australian Government, Department of Employment: Trends in Federal Enterprise Bargaining December 2016. Average Annualised Wage Increase (AAWI) per employee for Manufacturing agreements approved per quarter.
  •  ABS, Cat No 6401.0: Consumer Price Index, Australia, December 2016

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