Industrial Revolution 4.0 – Part Three

May 21, 2018
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The Industrial Revolution 4.0 will give rise to unprecedented manufacturing methodologies and processes characterised by technological advances, increased data connectivity, increased data acquisition and new pathways for creative thought. 

The Industrial Revolution 4.0 presents enormous opportunities to Australian manufacturing businesses, whether they are start-up ventures or traditional manufacturing transitioning to a digitised and connected manufacturing process. Whilst these changes will obviously create productivity improvements, they will also drive the transformation of the manufacturing workforces, for not only who is engaged to do the work but also how they undertake the work.

In Part One of this series we looked at the macro-labour market impacts of the Industrial Revolution 4.0.  Part Two saw us looking at the industrial relations issues across the workforce.

In the third and final part of the series, Partner of FCB Group and accredited employment law specialist, Matthew Robinson will explore some of the employment law ramifications for individual employees working in manufacturing businesses that adopt Industrial Revolution 4.0 processes.

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