Nick Tindley


Partner and Executive Manager, HR Consulting and Advisory

Industry Focus


FCB Workplace Law

Nick is a Partner with FCB Workplace Law and the Executive Manager of HR Consulting and Advisory Services at FCB HR. Based in our Melbourne office, he has over twelve years’ experience in providing industrial relations and employment law advice, with particular expertise in the retail industry. In his role as Executive Manager, Nick supervises both the consulting and advisory teams at FCB HR and is responsible for managing a number of key client relationships.

‘I began my career in workplace relations when I was studying law at Queensland University of Technology. While I was a student, I was employed by the Young Workers Advisory Service in Brisbane as an advisor to young people experiencing difficulties at work. From there, I moved to a workplace relations role at the National Retail Association (NRA). Within three years, I was promoted to director of the NRA’s employment law division. Since joining FCB Group, I have been managing the employment relations telephone advisory services for the Australian Retailers Association (ARA), Recruitment & Consulting Services Australia, Victorian Association for Newsagents, and Fitness Australia. Each service is run in partnership with FCB Group. I led ARA’s participation in the 2012 Award Review and am currently leading the case for the retail industry in the 2014 Award Review.’

At FCB HR, Nick’s areas of expertise include:

  • Negotiating enterprise agreements
  • Managing No-Disadvantage Test /Better Off Overall Test compliance
  • Drafting and reviewing employment contracts
  • Managing executive terminations and redundancies
  • Managing underpayment claims
  • Advising on equal opportunity and harassment issues
  • Advising on how to manage ill and injured workers.

‘In my work at FCB HR, I focus on providing our clients with solutions, not answers. The advice and assistance I give is designed to build the business’s own capability. I also make sure I get to the heart of an issue so that I can come up with the right solution. I always put a great deal of effort into understanding the way a client’s business operates, their cultural values, and exactly what issues they are trying to address. After all, this is the framework in which the business operates and it’s crucial that any solution I propose for a client fits harmoniously within that framework.’


  • Bachelor of Laws (Queensland University of Technology)