Mediation Services

At the centre of almost all workplace grievances is an interpersonal conflict between two individuals. While FCB Workplace Law is renowned for its leading employment law advice in dealing with workplace conflict, most of the time such a matter may be more swiftly resolved by a mediation. This is where FCB Workplace Mediation Services’ can help you!

FCB are thrilled to announce that we are now offering workplace mediation services to our clients. Mediation is a process which individuals to a dispute, with the assistance of a mediator, are provided the opportunity to identify and vocalise their concerns, collaborate to consider and develop options for resolution and endeavour to reach an agreement. The benefits of conducting a workplace mediation where a dispute arises between two individuals in the workplace, as opposed to obtaining technical and legal written advice about the matter include:

  • preservation of relationships – the process of mediation allows for individuals to communicate with each other in a safe environment controlled by the mediator in order to have their concerns, needs and interests identified and mutually acknowledge;
  • final resolution of the dispute in a timely fashion – mediation is usually completed within a day;
  • win/win solutions – the process of mediation allows for individuals to own their solutions to the dispute meaning they will walk away from mediation impowered that their concern has been resolved on their terms;
  • confidentiality – the process and outcome of mediation is confidential between the individuals and the mediator –individuals can take comfort that the workplace will be none the wiser to their dispute thereby allowing them a safe space to explore all areas of their concern; and
  • mediation can be conducted face to face or online, on short notice and can be structured to be more or less formal depending on the needs and wants of the individuals.

So why choose FCB to conduct your workplace mediation?

FCB is proud to say it has the internal skills, expertise and professional qualifications required to conduct a mediation in the form of our  two accredited mediators, Amanda Curatore and Nicole Visedo. Both Nicole, Brisbane based, and Amanda, Melbourne based, hold national accreditation as mediators with the Australian Mediation Association. Both ladies are highly skilled and experienced in providing workplace relations advice and assistance to clients in a wide range of matters, however, have a particular focus and interest in workplace disputes. Their passion for working with people to creatively resolve grievances and concerns, is what drove them to upskill in the area of workplace mediations.

If you would like to hear more about our service, or you have a workplace conflict which will benefit from the process of mediation, please reach out to us today!