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FCB Smart Visa

Expert migration advice for businesses

FCB Smart Visa provides Australian businesses with assistance on migration and citizenship issues.

Australia has been a settler society for over 200 years. However, the ebb and flow in demand for our exports (especially in the resources sector) means that, in recent years, we have followed the international trend of using temporary skilled migrant workers to fill gaps in the labour market. At the same time, a more global outlook means it is now common for Australian businesses to look further afield when seeking to recruit high-level executive talent and to conduct international searches for the right person. Finally, Australia’s political and economic stability attracts many people wishing to explore its educational and business opportunities.

How FCB Smart Visa can help with migration issues

We understand that Australian businesses often need access to skills not readily available in the local labour market. At the same time, entrepreneurs from overseas need a visa platform in order to explore and introduce new business ideas and opportunities to Australia. In addition, we believe that Australia is a worthy destination of choice for families, students and talented people from all walks of life.

Australian migration law is complex and often confusing

At FCB Smart Visa, we are aware that Australia’s immigration law is complex and often confusing. That is why we work with both individuals and businesses to ask the right questions, and deliver accurate advice and prompt results.

We provide customised assistance and advice on virtually all migration and citizenship matters. This process involves guiding our clients through the complex and dynamic Australian immigration framework.

How we approach migration cases

Our typical process involves three simple stages:

Stage 1: We conduct a preliminary assessment, and provide our clients with initial advice on the issues, appropriate migration strategies and visa options, or an assessment of the prospects for success in migration proceedings.

Stage 2: We provide assistance with the preparation and lodgement of visa applications, legal submissions or implementation of strategy.

Stage 3: We will take a matter through to its conclusion, and help manage compliance with any visa or sponsorship obligations that may arise.

Most importantly, we keep the jargon to a minimum and present our clients with advice that is easy to understand.

FCB Group can assist with what comes next

It is also important that businesses get advice from a team that not only has the necessary technical expertise in migration law and policy, but is attuned to what comes next for a workplace. This is where the other teams at FCB Group (including FCB Workplace Law, FCB HR, enableHR and HR Assured) can help businesses formulate the right workplace solution.

We know migrating is stressful

The decision to relocate a life, livelihood or family, whether temporarily or permanently, demands an understanding and personal approach from a trusted migration advisor. Our migration agents and lawyers have the skills, empathy, cross-cultural experience and industry-specific knowledge to manage all facets of the visa application process, and to provide expert advocacy and advice.

Our areas of expertise

Our migration professionals include Mandarin and Japanese speakers.

We are experts in:

So, whether our client is an Australian business in need of overseas talent, an expat pursuing an Australian business opportunity, an overseas student, or an individual embarking on a new life in Australia, FCB Smart Visa provides the support and advice they need.

Would you like to find out more?

For more information about how FCB Smart Visa can assist with migration advice for businesses and individuals, please visit our FCB Smart Visa website or call us on (02) 9922 5188.