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Recruitment is a people game.

At FCB Group, we understand that satisfied workers and candidates make all the difference to a business. After all, workers must feel inspired, safe and fairly treated if they are going to spread goodwill for the agent that assigns them.

How FCB can help businesses operating in the recruitment industry

Our lawyers and workplace relations consultants are very aware that recruitment and on-hire firms are professionals in employment and talent management.

Our team also understands that workplace relations and safety compliance, combined with sophisticated management systems that cater for the tripartite employment arrangements within the industry, are the keys to success. In addition, with the increased demand for flexible work arrangements, we know that recruitment businesses expect innovation in any employment solution they are offered.

At the same time, great care is needed in managing the client relationship, especially given that employment law in Australia places equal obligations upon both agent and host. In short, it is no longer possible for a host to outsource its liability. At FCB Group, we know that the careful management of both a recruitment business’s clients and workforce is what leads to repeat business and determines whether the business grows.

Building a recruitment business’s workplace relations architecture

We can help recruitment businesses to maintain competitiveness through building their workplace relations architecture. We do this by:

  • Providing strategic advice on workplace relations governance, and the appropriate form of engagement to meet internal and client business objectives
  • Developing effective client relationships through good workforce and expectation management
  • Drafting effective recruitment sector restraint provisions to protect a business in a high-turnover industry
  • Developing industry-specific contracts and policies that cater for the existence of multiple parties
  • Training recruitment consultants and account managers in awards and complaint minimisation
  • Defending employee claims and grievances, including unfair dismissal, bullying, harassment and discrimination.

In this way, we partner with recruitment businesses to enhance their strength, as part of our broader plan to empower and enrich the Australian recruitment industry.

Work health and safety (WHS) management systems for the recruitment industry

It is important to be aware that the on-hire worker services industry can present higher safety risks to its workers because of multi-party legal complexities. The reality is that the hiring organisation can suffer brand damage if WHS isn’t handled correctly. We understand the law in this area, being specialists in:

  • Developing and deploying WHS management systems
  • Conducting WHS audits for internal WHS management systems
  • Conducting audits for placement of on-hire workers with host organisations.

If an on-hire worker is injured, we can help manage the compensation process, as well as the return-to-work obligations that are often intertwined with host organisations.

Notably, we partner with key industry bodies, such as the Recruitment & Consulting Services Association and Information Technology Contract & Recruitment Association Ltd, to deliver WHS and workplace relations assistance to their members.

Our clients

For over two decades, we have assisted a range of clients across Australia who specialise in the provision of recruitment and on-hire worker services, including Chandler Macleod, Adecco, Kelly Services and the peak industry bodies.

Would you like to find out more?

If you would like to find out more about how we can help with workplace relations issues for businesses operating in the recruitment industry, please call us on 02 9922 5188 or email Campbell Fisher, at