About Us

About Us

FCB Group is Australia’s leading workplace legal and human resources (HR) solutions business.

We specialise in providing Australian businesses with the highest quality employment law advice.

In addition, our team of HR consultants specialises in devising smart ways to ensure that our clients manage their people as efficiently as possible and reduce the chances of workplace problems arising.

Most importantly, our lawyers and/or consultants work in partnership with our clients to maximise the contribution their people are making to the business.

Why choose FCB Group?

Many law firms claim they are different from other firms. However, when the rhetoric is stripped away, they are remarkably similar.

But at FCB Group we can back up our claim to stand apart from other firms. This is because we are not a conventional law firm. First, we only practise in the area of employment law. Second, unlike a conventional law firm, we use a holistic and multidisciplinary approach to examine workplace relations issues.

What does this mean?

FCB Group is made up of five core businesses that fit together like a jigsaw:

Our team of employment lawyers and workplace relations consultants provide a suite of solutions spanning legal services, HR consulting, contracting and management, as well as technology solutions. Our multidisciplinary approach means we examine workplace relations issues from every angle, so that we come up with the most effective legal and/or management solutions for businesses.

FCB Workplace Law

FCB Workplace Law is our specialist employment law firm. In terms of size and resources, it is equivalent to (or larger than) most workplace relations teams in top-tier firms. We have a team of 30 professional staff, including nine partners, who are based in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Three of our partners are accredited workplace relations specialists.


FCB HR is made up of a team of 10 highly qualified professionals who are equipped to deal with all workplace relations, work health and safety, and HR matters through the entire employment lifecycle. They are experts in devising sophisticated workplace solutions for businesses that want not only to ensure they are compliant with Australia’s workplace relations legislative framework, but also to manage their people efficiently.

FCB Smart Visa

FCB Smart Visa provides Australian businesses and individuals with assistance on migration and citizenship issues.  They provide clients with a unique strategic migration consultation so whether our client is an Australian business in need of overseas talent, an expat pursuing an Australian business opportunity, an overseas student, or an individual embarking on a new life in Australia, FCB Smart Visa provides the support and advice they need.


enableHR is our cloud-based, state-of-the-art, end-to-end employee management solution. enableHR helps to mitigate risks associated with managing people by providing access to best-practice human resources (HR) and work health and safety (WHS) processes, tools, advice and record management.  It can be tailored to businesses of all sizes and operating in any industry.

HR Assured

HR Assured is a complete workplace relations solution for small-to-medium-size businesses. It provides clients with a compliance audit, HRA Cloud (an online information and management system), access to a Telephone Advisory Service, as well as insurance and representation.

How FCB Group can help businesses manage their workplace relations

We are flexible in our approach and tailor our solutions to meet client’s needs

We see our job as adding value to businesses. We partner with our clients to develop an intimate and comprehensive understanding of their business goals and commercial objectives.  We then tailor our advice in line with these priorities.

We take a flexible approach to assisting our clients. We offer not only specific products and services but integrated workplace relations solutions.

We have expert knowledge of a wide range of industries

Our team of lawyers and consultants have expert knowledge of a range of industries, including:

Plain English advice – anytime, anywhere

At FCB Group, we avoid overly legalistic language. We understand that our clients need clear, concise and commercially astute advice anytime, anywhere. Our small size and non-hierarchical structure ensures we are nimble and can always respond promptly to a client’s instructions. We also know that business is not conducted only between the hours of nine and five, so we make sure our clients can contact us outside regular business hours

We share our knowledge

We are committed to offering value-added service to clients to enable them to grow their own internal capability and knowledge. For this reason, we make it easy for them to keep abreast of any workplace relations issues or changes in legislation through a range of publications, seminars and briefings.

Our clients

Our client base is diverse.

We advise leading organisations from all major industries, ranging from start-ups to large enterprises, including global businesses. We also assist industry associations and government agencies.

A member of the Worklaw Network

Our law firm, FCB Workplace Law, is the only Australian member of the Worklaw Network, a global network of independent law firms specialising in employment law.

Would you like to find out more?

For more information about how FCB Group provides Australian businesses with the most advanced workplace relations solutions on the market, please call us on (02) 9922 5188 in Sydney, 9098 9400 in Melbourne, (07) 3046 2100 in Brisbane or email us at info@fcbgroup.com.au. Alternatively you can fill in an enquiry form here and we’ll be in touch.

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