Intelligent people management solutions for businesses

Our FCB HR comprises an expert team of workplace relations management consultants who specialise in supporting the people managers to drive performance and establish leading management practices at every level within their business (from shop floor to boardroom).

Our consultants are experienced professionals with expertise in a broad range of workforce management, workplace relations and human resources (HR) disciplines, ensuring that we are able to provide Australian businesses with sustainable and specialised solutions.

What FCB HR can do for businesses

Our expertise

Our consultants are experts in creating organisational solutions for businesses. We specialise in:

We are proactive, rather than reactive

Our methodology uses a proactive, rather than reactive approach, so we identify risks before they become major issues. Our solutions are always tailored to the client’s commercial objectives. Our systems ensure that businesses run smoothly, both now and into the future.

We use a multidisciplinary approach to analyse businesses

We analyse a client’s business from both a holistic and an interdisciplinary perspective. This involves conducting an exhaustive analysis of the potential risks facing a business. We look at issues such as:

  • Communication methodologies
  • Engagement strategies and workplace policies
  • Processes and structures
  • Workplace culture.

All of our solutions are designed to accommodate our client’s commercial objectives and operating environments. This involves:

  • Creating solutions that are sustainable and cost-effective
  • Taking into account the workplace culture
  • Managing the impact of changes to the workplace
  • Preparing employees for any major changes
  • Managing employees’ expectations
  • Minimising the chance of adverse reactions
  • Evaluating whether there is a need for ongoing education and training.

Finally, we devise long-term solutions that are able to evolve and keep pace with the growth of any business.

We are not interested in cookie-cutter solutions

At FCB HR, we know there is no one workplace solution that can be applied to every Australian business, which is why we aren’t interested in cookie-cutter solutions. Instead, finding the right solution involves a balancing exercise, where we look at issues such as:

  • Financial capacity
  • Risk considerations
  • Operational needs
  • Organisational capacity.

We also consider the relevant legal obligations, as set out in Australia’s workplace relations framework.

Telephone Advisory Service

For businesses that need ongoing support and advice, we also offer access to a Telephone Advisory Service, which provides immediate assistance on any human resources management or workplace relations issue. Due to the quality of advice we provide and our responsiveness, our Telephone Advisory Service is one of the most highly regarded in Australia.

How we collaborate with FCB Workplace Law

FCB HR collaborates closely with FCB Group’s law firm, FCB Workplace Law, when appropriate. This ensures that any system we implement is sound from a legal perspective and will reduce the chances of workplace relations problems emerging in the future.

Would you like to find out more?

For more information about FCB HR’s workplace solutions, please call us on (02) 9922 5188 or email us at info@fcbgroup.com.au.