HR Assured

HR Assured

A complete workplace relations solution for growing businesses

HR Assured is FCB Group’s complete workplace relations solution for small-to-medium-size businesses (SMEs).

By providing businesses with a comprehensive human resources (HR) solution, HR Assured helps reduce the risks associated with managing people. Most importantly, it is cost effective.

How HR Assured can help growing businesses


HR Assured provides businesses with access to the most experienced people in workplace relations, so they can obtain expert advice whenever they need it (whether during or outside business hours).


HR Assured empowers businesses by giving them access to the most sophisticated and user-friendly people management system on the market, which reduces their overheads and increases their efficiency.


HR Assured protects businesses in the unfortunate event they are faced with an insurance claim. If they require legal representation, they don’t have to worry about paying lawyers by the hour. The matter will be managed by the experienced team at FCB Workplace Law and all legal costs will be covered under the insurance policy.

How HR Assured works

HR Assured provides businesses with four key services to deliver a smarter workplace relations solution for businesses:


The audit involves conducting a detailed compliance review of a business. It identifies risks and uncovers threats resulting from incomplete, incorrect or missing processes that would expose the business to penalties for failing to comply with the Fair Work Act 2009.

HRA Cloud

HRA Cloud is an online information and management system that provides businesses with HR and workplace relations support wherever and whenever it is needed. The cloud-based platform contains up-to-date information and step-by-step guides for all workplace and work health and safety matters.

Telephone Advisory Service

A client can call our Telephone Advisory Service if they need support or advice regarding any workplace relations issue. Our HR advisors are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Insurance & Representation

In the event that an employment-related claim is brought against a client, HR Assured provides full coverage (with no excess) for legal costs and damages up to $2 million. The client will be represented by Australia’s leading workplace relations law firm, FCB Workplace Law.

How HR Assured benefits businesses

HR Assured represents excellent value for money for SMEs, because it gives them peace of mind by:

  • Ensuring that their HR management practices comply with Australia’s complex, and constantly changing, workplace laws
  • Giving them on-demand access to a team of highly experienced workplace relations specialists
  • Protecting the business from any future employment-related claims, through representation by Australia’s leading workplace relations law firm, FCB Workplace Law
  • Providing the business with comprehensive coverage against costs and compensation associated with a workplace-related claim.

Would you like to find out more?

For more information about HR Assured, please visit the HR Assured website or call us on (02) 9083 0083.