HR Assured

HR Assured

HR Assured – a complete workplace relations solution for growing businesses

HR Assured is a sister company of FCB and provides outsourced HR services to help you build a smarter business.

By providing businesses with a comprehensive human resources (HR) solution, HR Assured helps reduce the risks associated with managing people. The cost-effective wraparound service provides always-on HR with 24/7 telephone advice, an HR audit, award-winning HR software, an Advice Promise, a Library of resources, and WHS management solutions.

How HR Assured benefits businesses

HR Assured represents excellent value for money for SMEs, giving businesses across Australia and New Zealand peace of mind by:

  • Ensuring their HR management practices comply with Australia and New Zealand’s complex, and constantly changing, workplace laws.
  • Providing on-demand access to a team of highly experienced workplace relations specialists.
  • Protecting businesses from any future employment-related claims, through the Advice Promise.

How HR Assured works

HR Assured provides businesses with six key services to deliver a smarter workplace relations solution:

1. Auditing your HR and employment law compliance

An HR audit involves conducting a detailed compliance review of a business. It identifies risks and uncovers threats resulting from incomplete, incorrect or missing processes that would expose the business to penalties for failing to comply with the Fair Work Act 2009. Undergo an HR Assured audit and you’ll receive a detailed compliance review of your business to identify any risks. Then we’ll help you fix any problems. But we don’t stop there: we’ll work with you to put together a plan to reach best-practice compliance and HR processes, support you along the way, and applaud you when you get there.

2. HR software, HRA Cloud

HRA Cloud is an online information and management system that provides businesses with HR and workplace relations support wherever and whenever it is needed. The cloud-based platform contains up-to-date information and step-by-step guides for all workplace and work health and safety matters.

3. 24/7 Telephone Advisory Service

A client can call HR Assured’s Telephone Advisory Service if they need support or advice regarding a workplace relations issue. The team of Workplace Relations Advisors are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

4. Advice Promise

You can rest easy knowing that if an employment-related claim is made against your business, HR Assured will be there to protect you. The trusted advice we deliver has been designed to prevent employment claims from occurring in the first place, but sometimes disputes are unavoidable. With our Advice Promise your business will have peace of mind knowing that we’ll stand by you with legal representation and paying of damages if a claim does surface.

HR Assured is no ordinary HR solutions provider – we’re backed by our sister company, FCB Workplace Law – our family extends to yours and together, we’ll be there to protect your business if a workplace issue turns into a dispute.

If you do receive an employment related claim, FCB Workplace Law will represent you for no additional fees, and HR Assured will pay for the damages and other costs associated in the defence of that claim. *

The Advice Promise extends to the most common employment-related claims including unfair dismissal, general protections application, bullying and sexual harassment, discrimination, and underpayment claims.

* T&Cs apply.

5. Library of resources

HR Assured offers a wealth of legal IP at your fingertips. Workflows, policies, contracts, guides & tools as well as Q&A based templates. There are over 200 individual resources available at the click of a button via HRA Cloud. We’ve set the benchmark for HR resources. In fact, our IP is so good it’s been copied and rebranded many times by others. We also constantly update our IP to keep pace with changes in workplace law and culture, knowing that the rebranded stuff is likely out of date, imperfectly altered or improperly applied. This means that our HR Assured clients are getting gold-standard resources, direct from the source.

6. Workplace Health and Safety Management System

Protect your employees. Protect yourself.

Did you know you can be held criminally liable if you mess up your Workplace Health & Safety (WHS) and someone is injured or killed as a result? That means not just massive fines, but people in your business potentially being convicted of a criminal offence and going to prison. You need to get proactive about WHS, and we can help. Our initial workplace audit includes a comprehensive assessment of WHS compliance in your workplace. From there, we’ll give you practical, easy-to-follow recommendations that’ll have you leading the charge when it comes to safety in your workplace. You’ll also have access to an advanced WHS management system in HRA Cloud. You’ll love the feeling you get when you’re on top of Health & Safety. And we’ll help you stay there.

Find out more about HR Assured

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