Restructuring Advice and Implementation

Increasing efficiency, reducing operational costs and minimising disruptions to everyday operations

In the current economic climate, every business needs to consider strategies to improve its performance and lower its costs. When restructuring a business, it is important to minimise the potential adverse effects on the workforce, especially if these are likely to have an impact on the business’s productivity.

How FCB Group can help minimise the adverse effects of a business restructure on employees

It is important to evaluate and assess a range of workplace-related issues in order to ensure that the restructuring process proceeds as smoothly as possible. At FCB Group , we work with our clients to devise strategies that help to minimise disruption to a business.

Our lawyers and consultants offer a range of restructuring and change management services to help both employers and employees transition to new work environments.

We work in partnership with our clients to deliver the best outcomes for all stakeholders in the business. We can offer assistance in the following areas:

  • Providing initial advice covering contracts, rights and legal obligations
  • Preparing a human resources communication plan
  • Preparing scripts for management
  • Processing reviews for staff and ex-staff
  • Providing advice on disputes
  • Providing litigation support.

Our services

In addition, we can help to ensure that any separations between employer and employee proceed smoothly, by offering the following separation management services:

  • Advising on separation strategies and redundancy
  • Determining severance payments and minimising business risk exposure
  • Handling unfair dismissal and adverse action claims for both employers and executives
  • Providing advocacy and litigation representation
  • Organising and conducting settlement conferences and other dispute resolution processes
  • Advising on employee entitlements in the event of termination.

Would you like to find out more?

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