Social Media

Advising on policies, risk management and rights relating to social media

Social media has become a key part of most businesses’ marketing strategy, because it has revolutionised the way consumers connect with brands. Social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have rapidly become vital marketing tools for many companies, helping to build their business. However, there are numerous potential pitfalls associated with incorporating social media as part of a digital marketing campaign, and employers must therefore manage how it is used in the workplace. After all, they could potentially be held liable for an employee’s damaging use of social media.

How FCB Group can help businesses develop social media policies

Our lawyers and workplace relations consultants can work with businesses to develop and implement appropriate policies and processes that encourage employees to use social media for the benefit of the business, while safeguarding the business from real risks, such as damage to reputation and leaked confidential information.

Developing a social media policy

We help businesses put together social media policies that outline how the organisation will engage in social media, propose strategies for handling any problems that may arise, and specify who is responsible for managing the organisation’s social media engagement. The policy can also outline the permitted use of social media by employees and ensure that the business’s privacy compliance practices extend to social media. We can also provide training for employees responsible for posting to social networking sites.

Accessing employee information online

At FCB Group, we often advise businesses on their rights when accessing employee information online, and what they can do to protect confidential information, such as client lists and relationships, that may have been obtained through social media.

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